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MicroFree.tripod.com: Anonymous Freebies.

Search the web with google search engine. Please type the name of the searching object and click with the mouse of Search button..

This easy-to-use free service lets you surf the Web anonymously by letting you select PHP and CGI proxy addresses that hide your IP address and protect your privacy. You can also use this service to bypass any filters placed on your Web connection by your school or company...

Worried about your privacy on the Web? You can protect your privacy online with this free service that lets you surf the Web anonymously. This speedy proxy site lets you bypass firewalls and hides your IP address (your computer's unique identification code)...

At this site, you can get a free, temporary disposable E-mail address that you can use to avoid spammers and protect your privacy. It's a helpful service to use when you're reluctant to use your primary E-mail address when you're filling out online forms...

This free service lets you surf the Web anonymously through a proxy server. The service is easy to use and includes many features that let you customize your surfing experience...

Worried that someone is monitoring your E-mail? Here's a free program that encrypts your data, which you can send as an E-mail attachment using any E-mail client. Note: your recipient will also need a copy of Ghostphrase to decrypt your message...

This is a handy free service that lets you surf the Web anonymously through a proxy server. SpySurfing also lets you bypass filters and helps you steer clear of spyware...

SpyPry AntiSpy program
This useful freeware program scans and removes spyware programs from your computer. Note that your PC can be vulnerable to spyware even if you have a firewall and/or antivirus program, as spyware can be "piggybacked" via networks, E-mail and software downloads... 

Are you worried about prying eyes browsing through sensitive content on your hard drive? (Even if you delete such data, it can be easily recovered by an experienced user)...

Are you reluctant to enter your E-mail address in an online form, for fear of being spammed? This free service lets you sign up for a temporary disposable E-mail address that you can use to protect your online privacy and avoid spammers...

This handy freeware E-mail management program lets you fight back against spammers and E-mail viruses and helps protect your privacy. MailWasher lets you check and manage your E-mails before you download them. You can also use it to bounce E-mails back to spammers, so that it looks as though your E-mail address is no longer valid...

This free proxy service protects your privacy and lets you surf the Web anonymously. ProxyDom masks your IP address and removes ads from Web sites you visit. The service also lets you access blocked Web sites...

This free proxy service lets you surf the Web privately and securely without anyone knowing your identity (or being able to identify the sites you visit). MySafeSurf.com also allows you to bypass any Web access restrictions placed upon you by your employer or schoo...

Protect Web Form
This easy-to-use free service offers you protection against Web form spam (using CAPTCHA images that foil spam bots). The service also offers protection again E-mail spam (using images and JavaScript)...

Concerned about snoops reading your E-mail messages? A useful Web-based E-mail service, AnonMail offers free 2048-bit encrypted E-mail and gives you a SSL secured connection. AnonMail includes lots of helpful options, including anti-spam features and secure document storage and sharing...

This free service offers temporary, disposable E-mail accounts that you can use to protect your privacy and also reduce the spam you receive. It's a handy service to use when you're reluctant to use your main, primary E-mail address when you're prompted to enter an E-mail address online...

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