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MicroFree.tripod.com: Business Freebies

Search the web with google search engine. Please type the name of the searching object and click with the mouse of Search button..

Looking for a job? This popular directory lets you post (and apply for) jobs with no fees, unlike other freelance sites. The site includes a search engine, so you can quickly find the job you're seeking...

Got a Web design project that you need done? This free service lets you post details of your Web project and receive bids from free-lancers from around the world who specialize in site design, Flash, graphics, etc....

Free white paper downloads 
At this site, you'll find hundreds of free business, computer, engineering and trade white papers, downloads and podcasts that are "free to professionals who qualify." Topics include management, marketing, operations, sales, and technology...

Looking to make money on the Web? This site reviews and rates various programs that can earn revenue for you, including ad networks, affiliate programs, home business opportunities and more...

Laser Printer Cleaning Kit
Refer a friend to this site and complete the short survey to request a free laser printer cleaning kit. (Note: this kit can't be used with inkjet printers). LaserPage is a site that offers support, news and advice aimed at printer users...

This free, advertising-supported service gives you real-time quotes that you can retrieve as fast as your connection will allow. All you need to do is register (which is free, too) and abide by the rules. This popular service can be difficult to access during times of peak stock trading... 

This site offers a directory of over 300 trade magazine subscription offers that are "free to professionals who qualify." Note: many of the offers have international availability, but most are U.S. only...

Vstore Ecommerce Solution
Looking to do business on the Web? This free service lets you easily set up and manage your own custom online storefront, including such features as your own subdomain and shopping cart...

This free service lets you easily set up a live customer support chat system on your Web site. LiveHelpEngine.com also offers a free real-time visitor tracking service that lets you keep tabs on how visitors are using your site...

A helpful program for businesses, WHOS-IN lets people on a company's network keep track of where everyone else is (and what their availability is). It's the equivalent of a traditional "in-out" board, but much more versatile...

The IM4Newbies Forum
Looking to do business on the Web? This lively free forum covers all aspects of marketing on the Net. Topics in this family-friendly, moderated forum range from advertising techniques to online business management...

Free tax filing
U.S. taxpayers who are eligible can get free online tax preparation and electronic filing via The Free File Alliance, a public-private partnership. Eligibility is determined by several factors, including your age, income, state of residence, etc...

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