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Microfree.tripod.com Newsletter number: 312

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__________________________________________________________ Welcome to the 312th issue of Microfree Newsletter! Here, we take a look at the hottest, most useful free products and free services on the Net. This newsletter is produced by Microfree, which is located at: http://microfree.tripod..com __________________________________________________________ LATEST NEWS from Microfree.tripod.com: __________________________________________________________ This is our first newsletter issue in quite a while. I know I may sound like a broken record, but I really am hoping to get back into a routine of sending out this newsletter on a regular basis! If you apply for free sample offers online, we recommend that you sign up with a free E-mail provider and use this E-mail address (rather than your primary E-mail address) when you request a freebie. In fact, we suggest you always use a secondary, free E- mail account any time you fill out a form online (not just for freebies). Check out microfree.com's "Free E-mail Services" section for a roundup of the Web's top free E-mail providers: http://microfree.tripod.com/email.html __________________________________________________________ Now, onto the freebies: (Note: we've divided this newsletter's contents into the following categories:) 1. "Useful freebies" 2. "Cool freebies" 3. "Odds & ends" 4. "Free samples" 5. "Webmaster freebies" __________________________________________________________ USEFUL FREEBIES: __________________________________________________________ >>>> Mobango: At this site, you'll find loads of free goodies for your mobile phone: ringtones, Java games, software, wallpapers, etc. Here, you can sign up for 15 megs of free Web space to store and publish your cell phone content. Go to: http://www.mobango.com __________________________________________________________ >>>> Pluno Free E-mail: Here's a versatile free E-mail service that offers you 135 megs of space, as well as spam control and anti-virus protection. Pluno offers lots of helpful features, including auto responders, filters, an address book, calendar, and more. Go to: http://www.pluno.com __________________________________________________________ >>>> TheUnlocker: At this popular site, you'll find thousands of free downloads for your mobile phone, including ringtones, tutorials, unlocking software, logos, wallpapers, themes, phone applications, phone games, and much more. Go to: http://www.theunlocker.co.uk __________________________________________________________ >>>> Back2zip: An easy-to-use freeware program that automatically backs up your documents. Back2zip works in the background, constantly monitoring your documents and ensuring that they're properly backed up to ZIP compressed files. (For Windows). Go to: http://free-backup.info __________________________________________________________ COOL FREEBIES: __________________________________________________________ >>>> vBuddy: This is a new, free social networking site, similar to sites like Friendster.com (except here you have full control over permissions). A versatile service, vBuddy offers lots of features, including a personal journal, message board, community calendar, personal photos, bookmarks, and much more. Go to: http://www.vbuddy.com __________________________________________________________ >>>> FreeHoroscopeScreenSavers.com: Here, you'll find an eye-catching collection of free animated horoscope-themed screen savers and desktop wallpapers for each of the 12 signs of the zodiac. Horoscope screen savers are available here for both Windows and Mac. Go to: http://www.freehoroscopescreensavers.com __________________________________________________________ >>>> Acez 3D Pic Cube Screen Saver: Do you want a nifty way to display photos that you've collected on your hard drive? This cool freeware screen saver displays your photos or images in the form of a spinning 3D picture cube. It's nice for holiday, family or pet photos. (For Windows). Go to: http://www.acez.com/cube.htm __________________________________________________________ ODDS & ENDS: __________________________________________________________ >>>> ImageCrop.com: This is a unique free service that lets you easily crop and resize your images online. ImageCrop.com is suitable for working with photos, Web graphics, avatars and more. Image formats supported are JPEG, GIF and PNG, and you can work with images up to 3 megs in size. Go to: http://www.imagecrop.com __________________________________________________________ >>>> TheBlogs.net: Are you looking to start up your own blog? At this site, you can publish and host your own blog for free. TheBlogs.net features an easy-to-use publishing interface and offers free templates for your blog. Other free options here include RSS syndication and search-engine-friendly URLs. Go to: http://theblogs.net __________________________________________________________ >>>> iBypass.org: Is your Internet access restricted? This free online tool lets you bypass any filters that have been placed on your Web access. You can also use this tool to block unwanted cookies and scripts. Go to: http://www.ibypass.org __________________________________________________________ FREE SAMPLES: Note: these product sample offers were valid at press time. Sample offers come and go quickly on the Web. We apologize if you find a sample offer that's no longer valid. If a sample site is difficult to access, it's likely because it's swamped by our subscribers. If this is the case, wait a few hours and try again. __________________________________________________________ 1. Pain relieving gel sample: Fill out the short form at this site to request a free sample of Sore No More, an "all natural pain relieving gel." (U.S. only). Go to: http://www.sorenomore.com/sample.html __________________________________________________________ 2. K-Y Warming UltraGel sample: Follow the instructions here to request a free sample of K-Y Brand Warming UltraGel, a personal lubricant product that "helps enhance intimacy." You must be 18 or older to request this offer. Limit: one request per household. (U.S. only). Go to: http://www.ky.com/sample.jsp __________________________________________________________ WEBMASTER FREEBIES: __________________________________________________________ >>>> CoolCounters.com: This free Web site counter service offers a nice way for you to keep tabs on your site's traffic. The statistics offered here include: total visitors, unique visitors, search engine tracking, visitor forecasts, and more. Go to: http://www.coolcounters.com __________________________________________________________ >>>> eFestivals.biz: Here, you can sign up for free holiday-themed content that you can customize for your Web site. Site content here includes greeting cards, crafts & activities, party ideas, wallpapers, screen savers, and more. The site also offers a free banner exchange, with a 50:50 ratio. Go to: http://www.efestivals.biz __________________________________________________________ >>>> Aceboard.net: This free service lets you set up your own fully customizable message board. The boards here offer a good way for you to build a community around your Web site, as well as get feedback from your visitors. Aceboard.net boards offer lots of features, including an intuitive interface, smilies, and more. Go to: http://www.aceboard.net __________________________________________________________ Visit our friends for loads more free goodies: Host Department: (Free Web hosting) is at: http://free.hostdepartment.com FreebieDirectory.com (A free stuff search engine) is at: http://www.freebiedirectory.com AAAScreenSavers.com: (The Web's top free screensavers) is at: http://www.aaascreensavers.com EZskins: (Free desktop themes and skins) is at: http://www.ezskins.com


And here is the surprise, absolutly free software by Microles.com. New freeware was added by Microles. Go to microles for some free software and a lot of free java scripts: http://www.microles.com __________________________________________________________

The Microfree The Web's top place to get freebies. http://www.microfree.tripod.com __________________________________________________________

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